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Got Splunk? Add Ironstream and get security insights and operational intelligence from the mainframe in real time.

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Extract more value from the machine data piled up in your traditional IBM systems with Syncsort’s Ironstream

IBM mainframes and IBM i systems power power mission-critical applications around the world. But many organizations are still flying blind, with no easy way to derive operational intelligence from the vast amounts of machine data generated by these critical systems.

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Syncsort Ironstream



The Ultimate Guide to Mainframe Machine Data


Customer Story

Compliance Rules Lead Client-focused Company to Ironstream + Splunk


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Using Mainframe Data in the Cloud: Design Once, Deploy Anywhere in a Hybrid World

Your company is storing and processing more data in the cloud – and mainframe data is no exception. Whether you’re centralizing enterprise data for analytics, streaming it to real-time cloud-native applications, or archiving for regulatory compliance, you know your mainframe data has to be included. Unfortunately, as with most mainframe initiatives, this is easier said than done! View our webcast and learn more.


Customer success story

A healthcare company needed to meet SOC2 compliance requirements, driving the need to find a solution to handle the sensitive data efficiently and securely.

The company turned to Ironstream and Splunk Enterprise to be the solution they were looking for, helping them eliminate the manual processes, efforts, and costs associated with IBM’s zSecure, while also meeting the audit and compliance thresholds for SOC2 certification.

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