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Real-time Change Data Capture

Real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) solutions ensure a smooth flow of data across your organization by building data pipelines that deliver data to business applications or analytics solutions

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Real-time Change Data Capture Keeps Data Fresh for Business Applications and Analytics

Real-time Change Data Capture technology provides a foundation for delivering data to applications and analytics systems just as soon as it is created. Capturing data changes at the source, in real time, whether relational databases, streaming frameworks, or the cloud, enables fresh data to be delivered to new technologies, analytics platforms, or applications as change happens.

Without real-time Change Data Capture, delivery of data changes to business applications and analytics is not timely. Working with old data could cause your business to lose opportunities – or even customers. Depending on your business, data could be considered old in a matter of days, hours, or as little as minutes!

Connect CDC captures changes to data from production databases and replicates them to new data targets in real time. Connect CDC has a light footprint and protects sensitive data residing in production databases by securely filtering data before replication, so your users receive only the data they need.

Business requirements for reporting dictate that the fresher the data is, the better is it for gaining critical insights and competitive advantage. Real-time Change Data Capture technology can feed data changes as soon as they are made to processes that transform the data into the format required by the target reporting system and deliver it in real time – without impact to security, performance, or productivity. Rather than reporting on “yesterday’s news,” your powerful, well-designed decision-making system shows the current state of your business.

To ensure that your business has access to the latest data, Connect CDC captures, transforms and replicates data from production databases to reporting systems in real time. Connect CDC’s light footprint doesn’t impact the performance of source or target systems, and it securely filters data before replication, so your users receive only the data they need.

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Data lakes provide your business with a critical platform for offloading the storage and processing of data. Data lakes are used to support a wide variety of analytics applications, from fraud detection to social media monitoring. The success of your data lake is wholly dependent on keeping data fresh with changes captured in real time.

Challenges arise when data lakes must ingest data from legacy sources, such as the mainframe. Data lakes do not natively understand legacy data sources. As a result, most companies either deliver legacy data in batch on a delay, and some choose not to include legacy data in their data lakes at all. When you leave legacy data out of your data lake, you risk having analytics that only show half of the full data picture.

Real-time Change Data Capture technology picks up changes to your data as they happen and sends them to your data lake to keep it fresh.

Connect CDC helps data lakes stay fresh with real-time updates as application data changes on traditional platforms, including the mainframe. Connect CDC uses Change Data Capture to pick up changes to your data as they happen, transforms the data, and delivers it in real-time to data lakes, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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Organizations that want to streamline the delivery of data from established systems to modern data platforms face multiple points of failure, scalability issues, and delivery challenges. Developing data architectures with a multitude of systems can present significant obstacles when you need to get data into downstream business applications.

Real-time Change Data Capture helps organizations capitalize on event-based data changes within streaming platforms such as Microsoft Azure Event Hub or Amazon Kinesis. Building CDC data pipelines to streaming platforms mean shortening the time to analysis from days to minutes.

Connect CDC’s real-time Change Data Capture capabilities enable you to build new data pipelines that consistently and reliably stream data to downstream systems. Connect CDC automates data transformation and delivers it to the people and systems that need it most in a timely and predictable way.

Learn how Connect CDC has helped a wide variety of customers solve their real-time data CDC challenges.

Flexible support to best fit your business

Connect CDC helps you avoid the challenges associated with real-time Change Data Capture from established systems, such as the mainframe, to new platforms. You can rest assured that data is readily compatible for use in your next investment without impacts on performance and delivery.

When capturing changes to data, Connect CDC is built with your past and future technology investments in mind. Syncsort’s expertise in a wide range of legacy and modern systems is reflected in Connect CDC with its support for databases such as Db2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Informix and Sybase, as well as popular streaming services. Multiple topologies, including broadcast and active-active, are supported to deliver your data to a variety of ground or cloud-based targets such as data lakes, big data clusters and data hubs.

Data delivery you can count on

Connect CDC guarantees data delivery, helping to ensure that the data you deliver is accurate and reliable. Should replication pause or need to restart, Connect CDC’s automatic recovery capabilities enable replication to restart at the point of failure with no manual intervention, resynchronization, or data duplication.

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Customers around the world use Connect CDC for real-time Change Data Capture to solve unique problems, improving the delivery of business insights and processes.

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