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Improve business service performance with enterprise-wide operational intelligence and AIOps


Power your enterprise event management solutions with critical mainframe and IBM i visibility

Today’s leading event management platforms are leveraging AIOps, powered by machine learning and predictive intelligence, to dramatically improve the availability of business services in a world where outages have financial, reputational and even regulatory repercussions. By cutting through event noise generated from point-solution monitoring tools, IT teams can find the root cause of operations problems – and resolve them – quickly.

Mainframe and IBM i systems are essential to the organizations that have them, yet they are often left out of event management platforms due to technical and skills challenges. Syncsort Ironstream eliminates this critical blind spot by monitoring, consolidating and forwarding events from mainframe and IBM i environments into applications such as ServiceNow Event Management, Splunk ITSI and Micro Focus Omi.

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Ironstream + Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)


Customer Story

Luxury Auto Network Ops for IT Service Intelligence to Improve Business Performance


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IT Service Intelligence for Improved Business Monitoring

When an application goes down or IT services are delayed, your business can grind to a halt. It’s important to have a view of operational data from across all of your systems so you can identify and fix problems quickly.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution that gives visibility across IT infrastructures and business services. By proactively watching streams of machine data it can detect when something starts to step out of line, and more importantly, give you time to correct problems before they have a negative impact.

But in today’s enterprise IT environments, systems can span multiple technology stacks and platforms. So, what if you have a mainframe or IBM i server? Can you bring this onto the surveillance radar of ITSI? With Syncsort Ironstream® you can.


Customer success story

A luxury automotive network is expected to deliver the type of value its discriminating buyers anticipate. For the Americas arm of one European luxury auto maker, that value for wasn’t up to par due to lagging business application performance.

Even with the industry-leading Splunk IT Service Intelligence app, they still needed a way to move vitally important CICS and DB2 mainframe performance logs into the Splunk platform in real-time. By adding Ironstream to their Splunk solution, they were able to attain reduced MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution) and end-to-end visibility into application health and security. Not to mention, the dealerships were satisfied to receive timely business information from the distributor.

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