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Database Replication

Connect CDC’s database replication technology helps you streamline access to data across your organization by building data pipelines that replicate data from its source to business applications or analytics solutions that reside on other platforms

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Database Replication for Data-Driven Organizations

Database replication is critical for collecting and sharing data across a wide variety of systems. Effectively sharing data across the business is key to becoming a data-driven organization. However, efficiently connecting and sharing data can be a significant challenge, especially as systems and data volumes grow. In addition to complexities related to increasing data volumes, legacy data sources are not readily compatible with new systems. As a result, data is frequently loaded in batches to the new platform, and it impacts business performance.

Database replication in real time from its source in relational databases, streaming frameworks or the cloud gets your data to where it is needed for use in new technologies, analytics platforms, or applications.

Syncsort’s Connect CDC provides high-performance, fault-tolerant, resilient database replication that guarantees delivery of your data so you can quickly realize its value.

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Flexible support to best fit your business

Connect CDC is built with your past and future technology investments in mind. Syncsort’s expertise in a wide range of legacy and modern systems is reflected in Connect CDC with its support for databases such as Db2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Informix and Sybase, as well as popular streaming services. Multiple replication topologies, including broadcast and active-active, are supported to deliver your data to a variety of ground or cloud-based targets.

Leveraging Connect CDC helps you avoid the challenges associated with replicating data from established systems, such as mainframe and IBM i, to new platforms. And you can rest assured that data is readily compatible for use in your next investment without impacts on performance and delivery.

Data delivery you can count on

The data replicated to your business systems must be both accurate and reliable. Connect CDC guarantees data delivery, helping to ensure that the data you are using is the most accurate and reliable. Should replication pause or need to restart, Connect CDC’s automatic recovery capabilities enable replication to restart at the point of failure with no manual intervention, resynchronization or data duplication.

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Customers around the world use Connect CDC for database replication to solve unique problems, improving the delivery of business insights and process.

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