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Help your organization deliver the data quality rules and results needed for effective data governance and regulatory compliance in tools such as Collibra Data Governance Center with Syncsort Trillium data quality solutions

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Complying with Data Governance

Data governance and data quality are top of mind for Chief Data Officers and governance teams charged with protecting critical data assets. Sustainable data governance requires a solid foundation of quality data to measure and monitor critical data elements. Whether addressing compliance requirements (such as GDPR, CCAR, BCBS 239, Solvency II, and upcoming CCPA), internal policies, or delivering insight into the data used to drive analytics and reporting, Trillium DQ provides data profiling and business rules to help you understand actual data content and generate data quality metrics that can be readily viewed by business analysts or integrated into data governance and reporting tools.

Learn how Syncsort Trillium for Data Governance helps address the multitude of challenges to ensure effective compliance with data governance policies and provide greater insight to your business.

Integrate data quality into your data governance views

Data quality and data governance share a ‘symbiotic relationship’. Data governance needs appropriate data quality tools to not-only clean the raw data, but to illustrate data errors, peculiarities and issues, in order to help compile the best standards and monitor the data quality against policies for critical data elements over time. Data quality needs appropriate data governance tools such as Collibra DGC to ensure the data is cleaned and maintained within an appropriate data framework which is relevant and pertinent to business needs.

Whether focused on compliance efforts such as AML, CCPA, FATCA, GDPR, HIPAA, KYC, or other regulatory requirements, or focused on value-added business initiatives, data quality not only strengthens DG compliance, but it also means you and your teams make sensible business decisions. Trillium Discovery, part of Trillium DQ, provides full bi-directional integration into Collibra DGC and API’s for integration into BI and reporting tools to support your data governance views.

For over two decades, Syncsort Trillium has been recognized as a leader in the data quality market. Our innovative technology and unmatched subject matter expertise enable us to help customers solve their most complex data challenges. Our pragmatic approach focuses on delivering business value in the short term and ensuring sustained value in the long term. See the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools for the latest analyst insights.

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

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2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

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