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Data cleansing, deduplication, and enrichment are key capabilities within all your business processes to ensure that your organization makes decisions with trusted, high quality data

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Data Cleansing, Deduplication, and Enrichment

Every decision, every strategy, every key business process relies on high quality data, whether for a person, product, asset, location, or financial and sales data. Better data in your systems means better data to inform your business decisions. As organizations look to achieve higher levels of data quality and make informed data-driven business decisions, they need to apply consistent, effective data cleansing, deduplication, and enrichment to get the insights that business desires.

Operational use cases such as cost-effective product delivery or compliance with tax requirements require highly accurate and valid addresses. Use cases such as omni-channel marketing, risk assessment, or better B2B relationships often require outside content such as demographics, firmographics, and location intelligence to enrich the existing data and improve customer engagement, reduce costs, and optimize processing.

Listen to our webcast Driving Business Value with Address Validation at LexisNexis to learn how our customers are leveraging the data cleansing and enrichment capabilities of Trillium DQ to achieve operational efficiency and savings.

Business applications rely on high quality data. Your business success depends on complete and accurate data for the right insights whether for day-to-day business operations, a single customer view, business reporting and analytics, fraud detection, or new AI and machine learning initiatives. Many organizations also need to pinpoint exact locations beyond a postal address – for risk analysis, analytics, efficient deliveries, even fraud detection. Particularly for high-volume/high-productivity environments, it’s essential to reduce the time and effort to input the data – but greater speed can lead to more mistakes.

Embedding data quality upfront in your business applications helps ensure that the incoming data, whether online in real-time or through batch pipelines, is standardized and cleansed to the right standards regardless of data type or format. Read about how Canon Europe addressed global challenges to cleanse, standardize, and deduplicate their many data feeds utilizing Trillium DQ.

Virtually every organization has business applications, web forms and analytics tools that need high quality address and location data, many at a global scale. Complete, clean, and accurate addresses and locations are core to the business objectives these applications support for risk analysis, efficient deliveries, and other analytics. Trillium Global Locator is designed to be easily integrated in your web applications to ensure that address and location data is captured accurately upfront so that you do not have to spend resource time downstream cleansing and standardizing the content.

Read our eBook, Move Your Business in the Right Direction with Real-time Address Validation and Geocoding, to see how global address validation can help your organization and how Trillium Global Locator fits seamlessly into your applications so that you get high quality address and location data where and when you need it.

It’s not just customer or personal data that organizations need to deduplicate and resolve, it’s data for any type of entity: party, household, business, asset, product, part, location, etc. This data permeates across the organization and duplicates can derail important IT initiatives such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), master data management (MDM), or downstream initiatives such as predictive analytics.

This data can originate from many different and varied sources (including mergers and acquisitions), and upfront data cleansing is often needed to ensure it is deduplicated and matched correctly. The configurability of Trillium DQ, including 40 distinct matching algorithms, means that organizations can apply relevant deduplication and matching rules to create a single, comprehensive record for each unique set of data, regardless of whether it’s a person, place, or other entity.

‘Islands’ of activity and incomplete contents make it hard to unlock the value of data. Data coming in from multiple sources often lacks all the information an organization needs to understand the customer, supplier, patient, or other entity. Data enrichment allows you to connect to 3rd party data about geolocations, demographics, firmographics, or other content, and append that information to what you have already. In turn, that enriched, appended data can be utilized to better match and deduplicate your data and create new and different data aggregations for better analytics and business insights. Utilizing straightforward functions, Trillium DQ and Trillium Global Locator readily link this additional data to your own for better customer engagement, predictive analytics, or even AI and machine learning use cases.

Read our eBook How retailers can use data quality for competitive advantage for an industry-specific example of how Trillium DQ and Trillium Global Locator help enrich your data and improve your business outcomes.

Deploy data cleansing, deduplication, and enrichment processes when and where needed

Trillium DQ and Trillium DQ for Big Data are designed to implement data quality processes quickly, easily, and with collaboration between IT and business teams that scale to your business needs. Trillium DQ’s library of out-of-the-box cleansing, address validation, and matching and deduplication rules accelerate projects so that you can rapidly design and deploy data cleansing solutions in batch or real-time throughout your enterprise as part of your applications and data integration pipelines and quickly realize measurable business results.

For over two decades, Syncsort Trillium has been recognized as a leader in the data quality market. Our innovative technology and unmatched subject matter expertise enable us to help customers solve their most complex data challenges. Our pragmatic approach focuses on delivering business value in the short term and ensuring sustained value in the long term. See the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools for the latest analyst insights.

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

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2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

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