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Maximize your investment in the cloud

Organizations are investing in the cloud at a rapid pace, to take advantage of elasticity, on-demand investment, and faster time to market, as they drive robust analytics, machine learning and AI.

However, your on-premises infrastructure still contains valuable data needed by your new cloud applications, and the best practices around data management – including data integration, data quality, capacity management and disaster recovery – still apply.

The best data solutions for today's modern architectures are those that bridge decades’ worth of investment in your on-premises environment with the new capabilities offered by public, private and hybrid cloud.

Adopting cloud data integration can help your business avoid the common pitfalls of traditional on-premises data integration architectures, such as delayed data delivery and poor system performance. The most effective cloud data integration approaches help you to easily design integration workflows that connect existing systems to cloud platforms, handle increased spikes in data volumes, and make legacy data actionable once it reaches the cloud.

If the use cases for your cloud initiatives include analytics, it’s critical to integrate data from on-premises systems for a comprehensive view of all relevant data. Legacy systems, including mainframes, contain valuable transactional and customer data that you need in the cloud to feed business applications or machine learning.

Syncsort’s data integration solutions enable you to easily integrate and make complex legacy data readable – including VSAM and IMS – within cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Cloudera and Databricks. Teams using Syncsort’s cloud data integration solutions can drive innovation, not get bogged down by maintenance. Syncsort’s solutions are based on a design once, deploy anywhere approach, which requires no re-design, re-compiling, or re-work as applications move across on-premises systems and private and public clouds using AWS, Microsoft® Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud migrations help organizations to gain a cost-efficient computing environment that is highly performant and scalable. When executed well, your business can see the benefits of shared data insights combined with improved scalability and lower IT costs.

Cloud migrations can be complicated, having many moving parts, stakeholders, and strategies. Common challenges include interoperability of systems, data portability and integrity, and business disruption.

Syncsort's data integration solutions can help overcome these challenges and facilitate cloud migrations by providing data lineage and making legacy data sources available for cloud environments.

Our solutions give your business the flexibility to deploy data integration when and where you need it. Visually design data integration workflows once and deploy them anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud – without the need to redesign, rework, or recompile. Syncsort Connect’s flexible architecture is suited for deployment on public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

As you send data to the cloud, it’s important to ensure it’s of the highest quality and fit for its intended purpose. Effective cloud deployments require data quality capabilities to help you understand and validate what has been migrated and delivered to your cloud platform, as well as capabilities to help you cleanse, standardize, and match data for your business initiatives.

Whether your cloud environment is intended to support single customer view and better customer engagement, fraud detection and regulatory compliance, or data science initiatives with AI and machine learning, you need confidence in your data. Large-scale entity resolution or data matching is critical to ensure that you get accurate, trusted results and insights.

Enterprises rely on Syncsort’s Trillium DQ in the cloud to achieve precise, fit-for-purpose results with scalability to meet critical service level agreements and meet data quality requirements when and where needed.

With the increasing use of cloud environments, it’s important to manage and optimize those resources, just as you would on premises. The objective is to get the most for your cloud spend while ensuring a good experience for customers and business users.

Across both cloud and on-premises resources, capacity management informs forecasting and planning by helping you determine the capacity levels for your environment, including compute configurations, storage, database, and network bandwidth – as well as the most cost-effective way to provision them.

This discipline is necessary to successfully support new, existing, and growing business services. If you have not yet moved workloads to the cloud, optimizing and right-sizing resources before the move to cloud helps prevent overprovisioning, unnecessary operating expense, cloud sprawl, and excessive management complexity.

Syncsort’s capacity management solutions work seamlessly across your on-premises and private, public and multi-cloud environments so you can meet your service level agreements while keeping costs in check.

Leveraging cloud-based resources to hold a secondary copy of your production servers and their data provides a cost-effective means to ensure business continuity. Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions enable you to restore your data from the cloud in the event of an outage, while high availability solutions enable you to quickly failover your operations to cloud-based servers.

To fully benefit from the flexibility and scalability provided by HA and DR cloud services, you need a solution that supports your recovery time and recovery point objectives, while being easy to manage.

Syncsort’s Assure MIMIX and Assure QuickEDD products replicate data, applications and system values in real time to a waiting secondary server in the cloud so that you can recover data or failover at a moment’s notice. Pay-as-you-go cloud pricing is available through our partners to enable you to scale your usage as your business grows.


Cloud data management to meet your business needs

Storing and processing data in the cloud provides a fast, efficient way to increase the scalability, availability and reliability of your data so you can drive results for your business – from delivering exceptional customer service and staying ahead of the competition, to increasing the efficiency and productivity of your IT resources.

No matter which cloud provider you use -- AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform -- accessing, integrating and optimizing your data in the cloud has never been easier with Syncsort’s Cloud Solutions.

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