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The Essential Guide to Secure and Managed File Transfers on the IBM i

The Benefits of Managed File Transfer Solutions for IBM i Environments

Today, the trusted method for protecting files at all points of the file transfer process is encryption – but it’s not always sufficient to encrypt the file while it is “in motion”. For complete file transfer security, the file must also be encrypted at the source and destination points, so its contents cannot be viewed by unauthorized users at any time before or after the transfer.

Whether executing transfers between business partners, government agencies, reporting bureaus or intra-company departments, a full-featured managed file transfer solution provides IBM i shops all necessary file transfer security and management capabilities. These solutions include strong encryption, process automation, application integration and a centralized, consistent method of handling every aspect of the file transfer process. Managed file transfer solutions ensure administrators are assured of data security and developers are freed up to focus their valuable attention on strategic priorities.

Download this eBook to learn more about how the functionality and affordability of today’s MFT solutions bring many benefits to companies of all size including helping businesses save significant staff time, reducing security exposures, meeting SLAs and even creating new competitive advantages.