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Customer Story

Westpac Pacific Banking - Assure Monitoring and Reporting

The Challenge

Being part of the large Global Westpac Banking Corporation, Westpac Pacific Banking needs to comply with various regulatory guidelines and therefore must have visibility into everything that happens in their entire IBM i environment.

As part of the Global Westpac Banking Corporation, Westpac Pacific Banking needs to have a high level of control over activities that may jeopardize the security of their information in order to minimize or eliminate the potential of fraud, corruption and damage to the integrity of their sensitive information.

For this reason it is necessary to monitor the activities of specific users, and to be able to produce reports in a timely, user-friendly and cost effective manner.

Despite having a security compliance software package installed, it did not fully meet their requirements.

Those requirements included:

  • Monitoring the activity of specific users
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Quick generation of ad hoc reports
  • The ability to provide automated reporting
  • Real time reporting for exceptions
  • This solution must be able to be implemented on all 28 LPARs in a cost effective manner
  • Produce audit quality trace of technical staff activities

The Solution

After researching the solutions available to him, Stanley Singh (Head of Technology), favored Syncsort’s Assure Monitoring and Reporting’s system auditing solution as it generates accurate, fast and readable reports, and the decision was taken to carry out a proof of concept to ensure that this solution did meet all of their requirements.

The proof of concept was successful, and now Assure Monitoring and Reporting has been operational for two years and has met all of the Bank’s requirements. It was easy to install using both local and international support and the implementation was completed within the scheduled timeframe. It has also proven to be a cost effective solution for their entire IBM i environment.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting offers an unlimited ability to schedule reports, alarms, and email alerts in a format that can be customized to meet the requirements of both the in-house staff and external auditors. After extensive use of the solution in the Westpac Pacific Banking environment, it was determined it had virtually no impact on their overall performance.

The Results

Since the implementation of Assure Monitoring and Reporting’s system audit capabilities, the reactions to the benefits derived from this solution have been very positive. Auditors and internal security officers are pleased with the ability of the platform to generate concise and accurate reports. Equally important is the fact that today, the auditing and compliancy process is significantly more automated - eliminating the need for IT personnel to spend hours gathering system information, managing user access, and formatting the data into reports that the auditors can interpret.

From a financial point of view, the ROI was rapid and the recurring annual charges were reduced significantly.