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Corpbanca Bank - Assure Security

Corpbanca Protects Sensitive Financial Information and Meets Government Regulations with Assure Monitoring and Reporting and Assure System Access Manager Solutions

Corpbanca Bank is the fourth largest financial institution in Chile, with direct investments and offices worldwide. Faced with the challenge of quickly meeting Chilean government and PCI regulations, Corpbanca implemented Syncsort’s Assure Monitoring and Reporting and System Access Manager solutions to enhance transaction auditing and access-control capabilities. The bank reviewed several alternatives and found Assure Security to be the most robust and easy to use products of those evaluated.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting allows companies to simplify regulatory compliance as well as combat and detect fraudulent activity by providing easily-generated, accurate, relevant, and readable reports on any kind of system or database activity. Assure System Access Manager is a global access control solution that acts as a complement to Assure Monitoring and Reporting to secure user access to IBM i data and applications and to ensure that sensitive banking information is highly protected.

Corpbanca required solutions that would meet governmental regulations for monitoring and reporting, as well as protect sensitive files and monitor the behavior of powerful users. They chose Assure Monitoring and Reporting to track and audit changes to sensitive business files and generate reports. Assure System Access Manager was selected to cover all access points into the IBM i platform. No other solution offered the same level of security. The quick installation process and setup was another benefit that attracted Corpbanca to the solution.

“Assure System Access Manager and Assure Monitoring and Reporting allowed us to achieve a high safety standard and meet several internal and external audit and regulation requirements,” says Cristian Guerra, Operational Risk Manager and Information Security, Corpbanca. “The two solutions complement each other perfectly, to prevent access and command execution as well as to track and audit changes to sensitive business files.”

“Green Light Technology assisted in our installation, setup and training and got us up and running quickly,” comments Cristian Guerra. “They provide us with excellent support, in our language, as well as providing us with a monthly service to analyze unusual transaction behavior taking the burden off of our IT Security division.”

“Corpbanca is one of the most secure banks in Latin America with a very pro-active Security Division. We’re pleased to be their technology partner and offer them security solutions that meet their unique needs, working closely with the Syncsort team who has played a key role in their success,” comments Jaime Penagos, Green Light Technology.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting provides Corpbanca with the tools needed to fully understand the processes going on at system level. With zero impact on performance, Assure Monitoring and Reporting expedites the process of retrieving data from journals and distributing user-friendly reports containing this information to required areas in the bank. It also allows administrators to easily produce readable reports, either ad hoc or on a schedule, and automatically routes these reports to the appropriate personnel. This saves the company hours of time that would normally be required to manually find, organize, format and distribute audit data.

Assure System Access Manager provides access control rules that are easily managed through a single interface with powerful and flexible settings. The solution includes simulation and learning modes allowing the bank to eliminate downtime associated with testing new access-control rules before putting them into their live environment.

“We have depended on Green Light Technology as our IT solutions and services supplier and they have been strategic in implementing many successful IT products over the years,” comments Cristian Guerra. “With this project, Assure Security has improved efficiency, enhanced security and allowed us to quickly meet government compliance regulations.”

Green Light Technology provides over 200 customers in Central and South America, as well as the Eastern United States, with next-generation IT solutions and expert professional IT services. With a selective group of engineers, many with more than 20 years experience supporting and implementing software solutions, Green Light Technology meets the needs of any size company.

Syncsort is a trusted enterprise software provider and the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data solutions. More than 7,000 organizations, including 84 of the Fortune 100, use the company’s products to solve their most complex data management challenges, on premise and in the cloud. Its portfolio includes Assure Security, a powerful and comprehensive security solution that helps organizations successfully comply with security regulations and meet their needs for security auditing and control in IBM i environments.