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Unlocking Greater Insights with Integrated Data Quality for Collibra

Seamlessly integrate Trillium DQ with Collibra DGC to create a complete data governance solution

Data is arguably your company’s greatest asset, and a thoughtful data governance strategy, along with robust tools like Collibra Data Governance Center (DGC), is essential to getting the most value from that data. However, even the best data governance programs will falter without data quality.

Data governance systems provide a framework for the policies, processes, rules, roles and responsibilities that help you manage your enterprise data. But they don’t give you insight into the characteristics and quality of that data – such as errors, outliers and issues – nor how the data changes over time.

During this webinar, we discuss how seamlessly integrating Trillium DQ with Collibra DGC creates a complete data governance solution that delivers rapid insights into the health of your data, ensuring trust and compliance with organizational policies and plans. We demonstrate how data is automatically exchanged between the tools so users can:

  • Quickly establish the rules needed to support policies
  • Evaluate their data against those rules on an ongoing basis
  • Identify problems or improvements with their data quality to take action