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Putting Rules in Place for CCPA

Like GDPR before it, the California Consumer Privacy Act is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing active policy, and that means you not only need to find what personal information on California residents you have stored, but you need to put rules in place to monitor compliance. Have new California consumers or households been added into your systems? Do you know which consumers, households, or devices have requested to opt-out of the sale of personal information? Or which of those you haven’t yet collected opt-in or opt-out information for? Do you know which consumers are under 16 years of age? Do you know whether the flags regarding data usage have been added and kept updated?

In order to ensure compliance with CCPA, you need business rules to test and monitor for all these requirements and conditions. In this webcast, we cover:

  • Some of the key requirements of CCPA
  • Why having business rules to focus in on key validation criteria, whether simple or complex, is essential
  • How to leverage Trillium Discovery to build and evaluate business rules that will help you keep your compliance efforts on track