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Introducing Trillium DQ for Big Data: Powerful Profiling and Data Quality for the Data Lake

Industry-leading data profiling and data quality at scale for data lakes in the cloud or on premises

The advanced analytics and AI that run today’s businesses rely on a larger volume, and greater variety, of data.  This data needs to be of the highest quality to ensure the best possible outcomes, but traditional data quality tools weren’t designed for today’s modern data environments.

That’s why we’ve developed Trillium DQ for Big Data – an integrated product that delivers industry-leading data profiling and data quality at scale, in the cloud or on premises.

In this on-demand webcast, you will learn how Trillium DQ for Big Data:

  • Empowers data analysts to easily profile large, diverse data sources to discover new insights, uncover issues, and report on their findings – all without involving IT.
  • Delivers best-in-class entity resolution to support mission-critical applications such as Customer 360, fraud detection, AML, and predictive analytics.
  • Supports Cloud and hybrid architectures by providing consistent high-performance processing within critical time windows on all platforms.
  • Keeps enterprise data lakes validated, clean, and trusted with the highest quality data – without technical expertise in big data or distributed architectures.
  • Enables data quality monitoring based on targeted business rules for data governance and business insight