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Get a Farm-to-Table View of Your Data: Tracking Data Quality and Lineage

Enterprise data lineage and data quality solutions can improve end-to-end visibility of your data for trusted analysis

Data isn&'t static and starts in various systems, moves to other environments – on premises and in the cloud – changes and combines to form new datasets. Just like a good chef must have a "farm-to-table" view of where their food comes from and what happened to it before reaching their kitchen – to serve high-quality meals and meet safety regulations – an analyst needs to understand the provenance and quality of their data to trust their analyses, as well as comply with governance and regulatory requirements.

Whether your data resides inside or outside the cluster, there are several different tools that can help with this, but the reality is that data doesn’t exist in only one system and the challenge is having end-to-end visibility of your data as it moves from the “farm” all the way to the “table.”

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  • Specific enterprise data lineage and data quality solutions can help you overcome these challenges
  • Why end-to-end visibility of your data is important
  • The difference between inside and outside cluster tools compared to one solution no matter where your data resides