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Data Quality in the Banking Industry: Turning Regulatory Compliance into Business Value

Data quality helps financial institutions make better decisions to increase revenue and decrease expense

During the last 15 years, regulatory requirements in financial services have grown substantially in order to reduce the risk of global, systemic economic failure. Quality data provided through effective data governance and data quality processes is central to achieving effective compliance reporting. Not only does data quality help ensure accurate reporting, but successful compliance significantly enhances other business decisions which rely on high quality data.

This webinar looks at the ramp up in reporting complexity, how successful compliance is linked to data governance and data quality, and how data quality helps empower financial institutions to make better decisions to increase revenue and decrease expense.

View this webinar on-demand for a discussion on:

  • Tracing the background for regulatory reporting and key financial regulations
  • Understanding how data quality helps institutions succeed with regulatory reporting compliance
  • How regulatory reporting improves data for other business decisions
  • How financial institutions leverage Trillium DQ to deliver quality data