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AI Without Data Governance is Unethical

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies are driving powerful new applications in dozens of industries. Rewards like big revenue boosts, competitive edge and cost savings are irresistible. The decisions, recommendations and results AI and ML make are controlled – not by the person who built them, but by the data they are trained on. Hidden bias, missing demographics or accumulated inaccuracies in datasets can guide these new technologies in the wrong directions and the applications can cause harm their creators never intended.

In a time when machine learning determines whether an individual receives a loan or job offer, and artificial intelligence decides who gets served ads for certain houses, failing to properly govern data can result in unintended discrimination. Using people’s personal information in ways they would never permit otherwise, has deep ethical ramifications.

View this webinar on-demand to learn more about how to govern your data in the age of new regulations like GDPR.