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Using a Data Model to Bridge the Mainframe-Splunk Knowledge Gap

Do you have complex or obscure data you want to leverage in Splunk? Do your users, without the necessary domain knowledge, struggle to work with this data? Perhaps a data model can help bridge the knowledge gap.

This webinar will use valuable (but complex…and even scary) mainframe metrics as a working example of how to get Splunk users up and running fast by leveraging the power of a data model. But, these principles are not just for mainframe. They can equally apply to other data types and scenarios. Not all users are well-versed in complex data structures and fields, but some are…so combine subject matter expert (SME) knowledge with this great Splunk facility to make everyone’s life simpler. Deliver real results in a very short time with little overhead or burden on users.

View this webinar on-demand to learn:

  • The purpose of a data model
  • How mainframe data models work in Splunk
  • How to implement a mainframe data model in your organization