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Snowflake + Syncsort: Get Value from Your Mainframe Data

Your business wants to solve problems for your customers, not spend time managing silos of disconnected data that comes from on-premises solutions and new cloud applications. More and more organizations are looking to solve this problem by investing in cloud-based storage and analytics platforms such as Snowflake. However, data from systems such as mainframes can be a challenge to bring into cloud data warehouses. Together, Snowflake and Syncsort offer you the ability to get the full picture of your data – whether its mainframe or from a cloud application. View this webinar on how Snowflake and Syncsort are working together to get you back to what is essential for your business.

View this webcast on-demand to learn:

  • Best practices for extracting your mainframe data
  • Advantages of using Snowflake for your cloud data warehouse needs
  • Common challenges faced by businesses trying to access mainframe data for use in cloud data warehouses
  • How Syncsort is helping organizations gain strategic value from their mainframe data