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Mainframe Challenge: Unlocking the Value of Legacy Data

Integrating legacy data from the mainframe into big data environments

If your business has legacy data on legacy systems, you’re likely struggling to fully and truly integrate that data into your broader analytic/BI deliverables.

That’s a big problem—even if you’re not directly responsible for legacy systems—because siloed data inevitably compromises all your analytics and BI efforts. It can also compromise data governance and security.

So how can you leverage legacy data in ways that are sufficiently easy, agile, reliable and performant?

Watch this expert-led webinar to learn:

  • How leading organizations optimize use of application and log data from the mainframe and elsewhere in their big data environments
  • What really keeps legacy data locked in a silo
  • New tools and techniques to empower data wranglers at all skill levels to work with legacy technologies such as Db2 and COBOL.