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Active Archive: Put Long Term Data to Work Without Cluttering Your Database

The benefits of analyzing data long term, or having non-recent business facts at your fingertips, is often outweighed by the need to clean out older data from expensive database systems in order to keep them running at peak efficiency. Inaccessible, undependable solutions like tape have been used in the past to try and balance the need to retain information with the need to remove it from costly high speed storage and retrieval systems.

Stop sacrificing your company’s most valuable asset! Stop hiding away data where no one can use it to gain important insights about your company.

Big data technologies like Hadoop offer an inexpensive way to store large amounts of older data, while still keeping it accessible, and available for instant retrieval or analysis.

If you need to store data long term to comply with regulations, or you want to have access to more than six months of customer data, but can’t afford a bigger data warehouse, store as much as you need with an active archive.

  • Do long term trend analysis
  • Analyze past purchases to recommend new ones
  • Calculate long term value of a customer to your business
  • Keep data as long as regulations require without breaking the bank
  • And a lot more

In this webinar, learn the strategies, gotchas, technologies, architectures and benefits of building an active archive in your company. So you can… put your data to work!