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Get Mainframe Visibility to Enhance SIEM Efforts in Splunk

See how Ironstream for Splunk to eliminate mainframe security blind complete the SIEM picture

The keys to effective security information and event management (SIEM) for IT environments include early detection, rapid response, and collaboration between all the platforms in your IT infrastructure. Yet many organizations struggle to effectively integrate their mainframe security needs with the rest of their IT environments.

With Ironstream, Splunk users can easily monitor and effectively resolve security issues on the mainframe by opening real-time operational data in Splunk Enterprise Security. We’ll take you through common security and compliance challenges organizations face and how Ironstream can work with Splunk to eliminate those security blind spots.

View this webinar on-demand for a discussion about common security and compliance challenges organizations face and how Ironstream for Splunk can eliminate those security blind spots.

Key topics include:

  • Proactive reporting to identify and solve problems before they happen
  • Providing appropriate visibility to ensure management support
  • Best practices for report types and presentation style