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From the Splunk Front Lines: Unlocking Insights from IBM i Data

A real life look at how one company uses Ironstream for Splunk to leverage their IBM i (as400) data to identify critical issues

IBM i systems are used by customers in a number of industries such as banking, retail, transportation and hospitality. Splunk is a useful tool for consolidating and analyzing event, security, performance and application data, but doesn’t automatically include critical data from IBM i (as400) systems.

Detailed machine data from these IBM i systems combined with Splunk’s machine learning algorithms can provide a new level of confidence in capacity planning. Having a single and complete view of data across the IT infrastructure allows analysts to quickly identify and correlate operational, security and performance issues.

Ironstream can easily capture the needed event, security and performance IBM i data in real time. Data forwarded by Ironstream for Splunk can be merged with other machine data from across an organization’s IT infrastructure to support enterprise-wide IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and IT Service Intelligence (ITSI).

In this webinar we examine how one company uses Ironstream to leverage their IBM i data in Splunk and identify critical situations.

View this webinar on-demand to explore:

  • How to get data from IBM i systems into Splunk
  • The different types of data that can be collected and forwarded to Splunk
  • Example use cases for events, security and performance data
  • How to identify critical issues and integrate that data with event and incident management tools