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Understanding SMF Records and Their Value to IT Analytics & Security

Virtually every operational event that occurs on the mainframe – from a simple log-in attempt at a workstation to a potential access breach of secured resources – can be captured and recorded in one or more SMF record types. Dozens of vendor products – as well as those from IBM – provide operational data to the SMF.

Record types change and evolve as the underlying subsystem or application evolves. Each release of z/OS and each new processor family can mean a change in the order or contents of the SMF records which creates yet another challenge in extracting information from SMF data.

As a result, organizations with mainframe systems have been unable to cost-effectively bring z/OS SMF data into their other machine data flows so that they can analyze all of it in one place.

Download this eBook to learn how Syncsort Ironstream® provides an easy, cost-effective approach for your organization to get a complete view of its entire IT infrastructure by integrating key performance indicators and security events contained within SMF records on the IBM z/OS platform.