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Supporting Real-time Analytics with Streaming Data Frameworks

Analytics is often a key part of business’ competitive strategy. But without a stream of data delivery in real-time, a business risks the ability to fulfill a variety of use cases necessary for survival – including the ability to make quick decisions in response to fast-changing events. Analytics for forecasting, fraud detection or process automation all depend on a reliable and constant stream of data.

There are many ways of streaming data to help ensure that data sent to downstream analytics projects are fast and continuous. Streaming data initiatives tend to fail when data integration architectures are unable to handle the volume, expanding data sources, and rapid exchange of information. When a streaming data framework is set up correctly, its use goes beyond specialized projects – it becomes the standard framework for any data-driven project.

Download this eBook to gain a basic understanding of extracting data for streaming, get examples of data streaming in use, and how to incorporate some of the most valuable information in your organization into a streaming data pipeline.