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6 Key Questions About Getting More from Your Mainframe with Big Data Technologies

Get around basic challenges of mainframe integration to reap the promised benefit of your Big Data technologies

Many organizations that have key operational systems on mainframes have also created data lakes, leveraging Hadoop and Spark to take advantage of virtually unlimited scale at reasonable prices, the ability for more sophisticated analytics, and improved productivity on the mainframe itself.

While mainframes still hold the key day-to-day operational systems of thousands of organization arounds the world, they don’t come without their challenges. Pulling all data in from across the enterprise is key to making the most of your mainframe data while achieving the benefits promised by Big Data technology. If you have a mainframe, IBM i, or other legacy system and are looking to implement a data lake to get a holistic view of your data across the enterprise, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Download this eBook to uncover the six key questions you need to ask yourself to get around basic challenges and begin to reap the promised benefit of your Big Data implementation.