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Hadoop in the Enterprise: How to Start Small and Grow to Success

Get best practices for deploying Hadoop in a traditional enterprise-IT environment

Hadoop-based solutions are quickly moving in on the traditional systems that still dominate enterprise IT.  But the most successful Hadoop organizations plan and execute these new  implementations with a sharp focus on the IT environment they already have.

This paper, authored by Gigaom analyst Paul Miller, lays out a practical, easy-to-follow approach  to introducing Hadoop into a traditional enterprise-IT environment, including the best use cases for early experimentation and adoption, and how to move toward mainstream deployments as part of a sustainable enterprise-IT stack.

Miller addresses the questions fundamental to every successful Hadoop project, including:

  • Where does Hadoop make sense?
  • What are the barriers to adoption in the enterprise?
  • What are the risks of adoption in the enterprise (and how to mitigate them)?
  • How to build upon early success for even bigger benefits?