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White Paper

Elevate MFSort Evaluation Best Practices Guide

Expect the best ROI in your investment

Elevate MFSort evalution: Executing and analyzing a Proof of Concept

Syncsort has remained one of the most trusted names in the mainframe software industry for over 50 years. When licensing our software, you are not simply making a purchase, but rather entering into a long lasting partnership where you can expect the best ROI in your investment.

Common to any purchasing cycle, many customers naturally want to "Try before they buy." This concept, known as a Proof of Concept (POC) is only one step in the buyer's total evaluation process. A POC can provide the security of knowing that you have made the right purchase for your organization’s needs.

This document serves as an evaluation best practices guide, walking you through the four phases to justify Elevate MFSort, Syncsort's mainframe sorting software.

Read this white paper to learn how to:

  • Make an informed purchasing decision
  • Access your candidacy for Elevate MFSort and establish ROI
  • Determine the best benchmarking criteria
  • Execute an Elevate MFSort POC
  • Analyze your Elevate MFSort POC results