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50 Years of Mainframe Sorting Innovation from Syncsort

A look at Elevate MFSort innovations over the last half century

When IBM introduced System/360 back in 1965 with multi-tasking MFT and MVT operating systems, little did we know that 50+ years later, it would have evolved into the current day IBM System z. A decade after the introduction of S/360, IBM’s flagship mainframe system, was a water-cooled S/370 model 168 backed by 8MB of real storage and supported by a main console that rivaled the bridge of Starship Enterprise. It consisted of an entire air-conditioned room to service processing and storage capacity – which was exponentially smaller in capacity than the smart phones most carry around in their pockets today.

Can you imagine trying to do any serious processing within 8 MB of real storage? Getting work done – and on a schedule – became the biggest challenge for IT.

Read on to look at some of the innovations in Elevate MFSort over the past 50 years, and how they have exploited technology advancements on the IBM z platforms and z/OS, to help mainframe organizations enhance, perform and reduce cost.