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Maximizing the Value of IBM's New Mainframe Pricing Model with Syncsort Elevate

IBM’s new Tailored Fit Pricing is a generational shift in IBM Z software pricing, offering an alternative to the Rolling 4-Hour Average model introduced in 1999. Designed to eliminate the challenges of forecasting demand for hybrid cloud environments and dynamic workloads, this new pricing model can make your mainframe licensing costs more predictable and manageable.

Our Elevate MFSort and Elevate ZPSaver products, combined with the new Tailored Fit Pricing offer the opportunity to achieve even more efficiency and cost savings through high-performance sort and the ability to offload expensive processing to zIIP engines.

Watch this webinar and learn about:

  • The two new Tailored Fit Pricing options from IBM
  • How Elevate MFSort and Elevate ZPSaver cut down workloads
  • How Syncsort can help you project the savings you may achieve