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Is Reporting the Weak Link in Your Capacity Management Process?

Reporting is a cornerstone of the capacity and performance management process, especially when it identifies problems before they happen. Enterprise datacenters continue to evolve with new technology and capabilities. External cloud providers enable functionality to be moved outside of datacenters. More components are tied together by applications across different infrastructure environments than ever before. Managing capacity and performance for all these environments is a difficult task, and it is sometimes moved to a low priority, neglected, or not done at all.

Like many software solutions, automation is the key to managing capacity and performance for complex environments. Implementing an effective reporting process requires a good understanding of who the customers will be and what they need. Creating reports that are not used can lead to false perceptions that capacity and performance management is not worth the effort. Cost justification may be a key part of the reporting itself. Ensuring visibility of success and management support is often required to show value. Certain types of reporting should be implemented for different audiences, and presentation style can have a big impact on how reporting output is perceived.

View this webinar with CMG on-demand to learn about:

  • Proactive reporting to identify and solve problems before they happen
  • Providing appropriate visibility to ensure management support
  • Best practices for report types and presentation style