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Eliminate the Risk from Your IMS to Db2 Plans

Overcome the challenges of IMS data migration to Db2 with Elevate IMS

For IBM mainframe customers, Db2 provides the rich relational database functionality required by today’s e-business and business intelligence applications. It has become the database of choice for zOS. But, for many long-time mainframe customers, extending the benefits of Db2 to legacy IMS data has remained out of reach.

For one state agency, the risks and work involved with a manual data conversion kept them from moving forward. However, the increasing maintenance and licensing of IMS was costing the department hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Eventually, they faced legislatively mandated changes in the department’s client-management software system and they had to find a solution to move from IMS to Db2. They chose Elevate IMS – a data migration and application transparency solution specifically designed to address the challenges of IMS data migration to Db2.

View this webinar on-demand to learn:

  • How Elevate IMS works
  • How the agency used Elevate IMS to move to Db2 with no change to their normal day-to-day operations
  • The multiple hard and soft cost savings the agency has seen by moving to Db2