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ROI Strategies for IT Executives

How to Increase ROI by Optimizing Existing IT Resources

Did you know that by utilizing existing resources that have already been paid for within your IT budget, you could probably find some great ROI opportunities? We’ll explain.

This is something that typically results from advances in technologies which go unexploited and under-utilized when existing processes and procedures simply are not updated to account for these technological advancements. When servers are purchased to support high priority initiatives, but no one monitors the usage to determine operational efficiency, the organization purchases additional capacity when it unknowingly has left over capacity that could be re-deployed to delay an upgrade.

This situation described above is just the IT infrastructure side – what about the mainframe side, which usually accounts for the largest part of the IT budget in most corporations?

This eBook will take you through additional challenges that organizations struggle with and suggest solutions on how to overcome them, such as:

  • Understanding how well existing resources are being optimized and how to best utilize them
  • Determining the “right time” to budget and plan for additional resources
  • Empowering IT staff to be as efficient as possible
  • Understanding and planning for increases in demand for capacity to ensure critical business services are delivered as expected