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Overcoming the Pitfalls of Manual Capacity Management Processes

Traditionally, capacity management has tended to be managed as a classic “following function”. As the business grows and changes, Capacity Managers respond re-actively and incrementally, focusing on doing what they can to keep up using the resources they currently have to track and report on systems utilization and to avoid incidents.

Over time, this results in a capacity management function that is truly unique, and artfully sculpted accretions of all the tools, process and mandates ever applied over years of company growth. Eventually, trying to upgrade or improve your capacity management function by building upon your existing system becomes basically impossible.

The way to get past this conundrum is to fundamentally change how your organization approaches capacity management. Get out of the following function, incremental fix mindset completely and charge the capacity management team to be proactive, not reactive. Plan ahead and build in a structure rather than ad hoc manner.

Read on to learn more about how to successfully manage your IT capacity by automating as fully as possible. Manual capacity management is just simply no longer an option.