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Customer Story

Financial Services Organization Needs to Provide Answers in 11 Seconds or Less

The Challenge

A financial services organization needed to guarantee that it could process a loan application and provide a response to its customers in 11 seconds or less. Yet, the organization had no mechanism to ensure there was enough processing power to ensure this would happen, nor a plan in place as the business continued to grow. There was no formal capacity management function and no software to automate the capture, reporting, and storage of key performance and capacity data for all of their key systems, which spanned various versions of Unix, VMware, and the mainframe.

The risk to the business of not meeting the 11-second Service Level Agreement (SLA) was real and immediate, as was the loss of core business to competing lenders.


A formal capacity management process would ensure that the requests from customers would meet the 11-second requirement and that money was spent correctly when growing the infrastructure to support the growing business.

To this end, the organization hired one person (a Capacity Manager) to lead this effort. In order for that Capacity Manager to be successful, much of the work that needed to be done had to be automated.

The Capacity Manager evaluated several software solutions and chose Syncsort’s Elevate Capacity Management because of its strength in automating the process of data capture, collection, and storage as well as creating key reports. In a short period of time, Elevate Capacity Management was implemented to all production systems on all platforms, and the Capacity Manager was able to provide key recommendations to senior management.


The organization, through the use of Elevate Capacity Management, has:

  • Continued to grow at a rapid pace while still meeting their 11-second SLA
  • Hired an entire team to provide further Capacity Management services to the organization
  • Evaluated the entire infrastructure and ensured that services are right-sized
  • Been able to investigate and more quickly resolve incidents involving performance and capacity
  • Implemented a more strategic approach to purchasing hardware, software, and other infrastructure, always keeping that 11-second SLA in mind

The original Capacity Manager at this organization was recently promoted to a senior management position and has the new Capacity Manager reporting to him. The organization, through an increased investment in Elevate Capacity Management as a cross-platform solution, continues to demonstrate that actively managing capacity and performance is a sound investment in a business where seconds count.