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Over 50 years of leading mainframe expertise

Syncsort helps you optimize your data center and connect your legacy systems to the latest technology.

• Network management and security monitoring
• Best z/OS sort
• Stream log and SMF data into Splunk
• IMS to Db2 migration
• Best zIIP offload capabilities
• Database optimization

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50 Years of Mainframe Innovations: Observations From a Long-Time Mainframer

Over the past five decades, the focus for the mainframe has been on bigger, faster and cheaper processing power. This is no surprise, considering the technology advancements that have occurred. The enormous machines have been replaced with small but exponentially faster systems that support terabytes of real storage and a variety of operating systems and applications.

Not only have mainframes evolved, but organizations have evolved as well. That said, organizations struggle today with supporting growth, controlling IT budgets and costs, and ensuring the security of their IT infrastructure against potential threats and attacks.