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Elevate Capacity Management

Bringing metrics from across your enterprise into one place for a real-time 360-degree view of your infrastructure

Syncsort's products have recently been rebranded. Elevate Capacity Management was formerly known as Athene.

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Elevate Capacity Management



Introducing Elevate Capacity Management



Capacity Management Maturity Assessment

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Elevate Capacity Management - In Practice


Customer success story

A financial services organization needed to guarantee it could process a loan application and provide a response to its customers in 11 seconds or less. However, there wasn’t a mechanism in place to ensure there was enough processing power to ensure this would happen, nor a plan in place as the business continued to grow.

A formal Capacity Management process would ensure that the requests from customers would meet the 11-second requirement and that money was spent correctly when growing infrastructure to support the growing business. This organization chose Elevate Capacity Management because of its strength in automating the process of data capture, collection, and storage, as well as creating key reports.

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