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Connecting today’s data infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology and ensuring data quality - to power machine learning, AI and predictive analytics

Syncsort gives your enterprise the best range of products and unmatched expertise to deliver optimum performance and resource utilization for critical data systems. On premises and in the cloud, we make it easy to contain costs, meet service level agreements and mitigate risk, as digital business drives significant growth in workloads managed by traditional and emerging data platforms.


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With Syncsort, you can confidently optimize, integrate and advance data anywhere so you can work more efficiently, grow faster and achieve more. We recognize that our customers are at the center of driving better ways of doing things with a passion for discovering the unknown. That’s why we are committed to building tools that make data more insightful than it is today – so that we can help you solve the present and prepare for the future.

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Mainframe Data for Modern Data Environments: Best Practices for Bridging the Gap

To date, exporting mainframe data and importing it into modern data platforms hasn’t been just complicated, but a huge hassle that has extreme time and cost implications. These have discouraged organizations from using mainframe data for big data and other analytic purposes. Mainframes power many mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise – collecting, generating and processing some of the largest data volumes with exceptional performance and reliability.

This eBook will guide you through the process of overcoming the four biggest challenges of leveraging mainframe data and explain how to offload costly batch workloads from the mainframe onto today's big data technologies. You will also learn useful tips and best practices on bridging the gap between the mainframe and modern data environments to unlock the value of all your enterprise data.