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The Next Wave of technology & innovation


Pushing the boundaries of what data can do to support the Next Wave of technology and innovation

Syncsort is helping data-driven enterprises anticipate and embrace the Next Wave – an era that defines the new technologies and applications that are making existing data more useful.

As Next Wave technologies converge with decades of data infrastructure investment, significant challenges stand in the way of realizing the full potential of these innovations.

Syncsort Ironstream

Inventing products that make data more useful — helping you solve for the present and prepare for the future

  1. Identify Next Wave themes
  2. Uncover new challenges connecting the Next Wave to existing technologies
  3. Partner with customers to prototype for specific use cases
  4. Solve for the hardest problems with biggest impact

Partner with us to advance data


Through Syncsort Invent, we are working with data-driven enterprises to solve the hardest problems they face in taking advantage of the Next Wave, and to create purpose-driven solutions for the use cases with the biggest impact on their business.

Syncsort has unmatched expertise in connecting legacy systems to cutting-edge technologies. We use our experience so you can quickly extract value from your critical data, anytime, anywhere.

We invite you to partner with us on our current Syncsort Invent initiatives for Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain, or engage us on the Next Wave challenges facing your business.


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Hybrid Cloud

Maximizing the value of enterprise data in a hybrid cloud world by solving the challenges of integrating decades of on-premise systems with today’s leading cloud platforms

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Creating use case-driven solutions for blockchain to meet enterprise data requirements, and help increase the auditability and visibility of their transactional systems

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