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Syncsort Raises the Bar on Simplifying Mainframe Big Data Access, Governance and Compliance in Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark

Now Organizations Can Better Leverage Big Data Platforms for Faster Processing and Analytics While Preserving the Original Mainframe Data Copy to Meet Compliance Requirements

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 03, 2016

Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data and mainframe software, today announced new groundbreaking capabilities in its industry leading data integration software, DMX-h, that for the first time, allow organizations to work with mainframe data in Hadoop or Spark in its native format  ̶  essential for maintaining data lineage and compliance.
With its latest release, Syncsort also introduced the new high-speed DMX DataFunneI, which customers use to quickly ingest hundreds of database tables from sources like DB2 at the push of a button, dramatically reducing the time and effort to populate their Enterprise Data Hubs.
“The largest organizations want to leverage the scalability and cost benefits of Big Data platforms like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark to drive real-time insights from previously unattainable mainframe data, but they have faced significant challenges around accessing that data and adhering to compliance requirements,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, General Manager of Syncsort’s Big Data business. “Our customers tell us we have delivered a solution that will allow them to do things that were previously impossible. Not only do we simplify and secure the process of accessing and integrating mainframe data with Big Data platforms, but we also help organizations who need to maintain data lineage when loading mainframe data into Hadoop.”
Many companies in highly-regulated industries, such as banking, insurance and healthcare, have struggled with utilizing Hadoop or Spark to cost-effectively analyze massive volumes of mainframe data because they’re required to preserve the data in its original EBCDIC format, which could not be processed in Hadoop. These organizations can now leverage the benefits of Big Data platforms to quickly analyze mainframe data just as they do with data from any other source, without requiring specialized skills to do so.
"Data scientists and analysts are looking for a simplified way to gain valuable business insights from mainframe data in Hadoop, while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements,” said Tim Stevens, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “Syncsort’s leadership in mainframe data access and integration, combined with Cloudera’s native Hadoop governance solution, allow our joint customers to provide an unrivaled solution for that challenge.”

Another significant hurdle facing mainframe users is getting the data into Hadoop. One large insurance customer has the challenge of moving over 800 tables from a data warehouse into their Hadoop data lake very rapidly – a task that used to require one table to be moved at a time. They estimated that even with a simple-to-use point and click interface to define the table movements, this would take hundreds of man-hours, and simply wasn’t practical. With the new DataFunnel, they can now take hundreds of tables, and in one step, load them into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

The combination of the new capabilities allows customers to rapidly bring data in its raw form into a central Hadoop repository, supporting many downstream use cases and facilitating management of essential operational data in Hadoop, such as members, products, policies, premiums and claims for insurance companies.

With new support for Fujitsu NetCOBOL, Syncsort delivers these benefits for both IBM z Systems and Fujitsu mainframes, responding to strong demand in the Asia Pacific and CEMEA markets.

“Syncsort continues to leverage their Mainframe and Big Data expertise to solve complex technology issues that prevent organizations from leveraging Hadoop and Spark to store, process and analyze their mainframe data,” said George Gilbert, Lead Big Data Analyst at Wikibon. “Syncsort’s new features don’t require hard-to-find skills that companies don’t want to spend money and time to acquire.”

Click to read more information on our Mainframe to Hadoop solution and read our "Hadoop, Mainframe and Syncsort: Simply the Best" blog, or see a video on Syncsort DMX-h's new capabilities.
About Syncsort’s Mainframe Access & Integration Solution
As an industry leader in mainframe data for more than four decades and a well-established leader in the Hadoop ecosystem, Syncsort has the technology and expertise to bridge the gap between mainframe and Hadoop.  Some of the world’s largest organizations use Syncsort DMX-h to ingest data from the mainframe to Hadoop, allowing them to gain insights and drive business agility by integrating mainframe data with the rest of the business.  Syncsort’s Mainframe to Hadoop solution is cost-effective, enterprise-grade and secure, requiring no changes to the mainframe systems or the data.
About Syncsort
Syncsort provides enterprise software that allows organizations to collect, integrate, sort and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and lower costs. Thousands of customers in more than 85 countries, including 87 of the Fortune 100 companies, use our fast and secure software to optimize and offload data processing workloads. Syncsort software provides specialized solutions spanning “Big Iron to Big Data,” including next gen analytical platforms such as Hadoop, cloud, and Splunk. For over 48 years customers have turned to Syncsort’s software and expertise to dramatically improve performance of their data processing environments, while reducing hardware and labor costs. Experience Syncsort at
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