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Syncsort Integrate Innovations Address Market Shift Toward Versatile Streaming Data Architectures

Enhanced Change Data Capture (CDC) Capabilities Deliver Data from Multiple Sources in Real-Time to Downstream Applications

Pearl River, NY – September 11, 2018

Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, today announced new capabilities in its Syncsort Integrate family of products that enable a continuous, real-time data stream from multiple data sources to applications requiring immediate availability such as mobile banking, fraud detection and cybersecurity. The new products provide speed, flexibility and resiliency for the most demanding enterprise IT environments.

“More and more of our customers are looking to optimize data integration workflows between connected systems by combining CDC with stream-processing platforms like Kafka or Amazon Kinesis in the Cloud. Their data pipelines must be flexible enough to accommodate different delivery styles, variety of data sources and destinations in real time,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “Syncsort’s data integration software leverages our unrivaled strength in accessing transaction data from multiple systems of record, including mainframe and IBM i, and allows IT to deliver it to users at the required speed, enabling multiple data pipelines with unique resiliency and scalability.”

Delivering A Versatile Streaming Data Architecture to Support IT Priorities

A number of today’s applications require data that is immediately available and current. For instance, when a user withdraws cash at an ATM, the transaction typically occurs on a mainframe, which in turn triggers a change to the customer’s record in the underlying database. If the user wants an up-to-date view of their balance in their mobile banking application, that change in the database record needs to be transmitted immediately to a messaging system that can reliably deliver the data as soon as it is available. The continuous flow of data to multiple targets is an ideal use case for Apache Kafka.

Syncsort’s data integration software combines true streaming change data capture with stream-processing platforms like Kafka and Amazon Kinesis to create a real-time data pipeline directly from data sources to multiple databases and applications. The innovations enable users to create data pipelines with both stream-processing platforms as well as Hadoop data lake targets, on-premise and in the cloud. In addition, Syncsort data integration and CDC offerings are now Apache Hadoop 3.0 compliant and Cloudera CDH 6.0 certified.

In another example, a transportation and logistics company can use Syncsort’s data integration software along with Kafka to provide real-time shipping timeframes and package locations to customers, resulting in more accurate shipping predictions, on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Ensuring All Changes to Data are Available to Downstream Users

In addition to speed, reliability and resiliency are major differentiators of Syncsort’s changed data integration approach. Since most CDC software does not reliably keep track of exactly where it left off, network interruptions – a common occurrence with Cloud targets – require a manual re-start, a complete re-scan of the source database and can prevent some changes from being recorded, or data to be written multiple times. It may even require a complete restart from the initial data load.

Syncsort’s data integration software uniquely protects against loss of data if a connection is temporarily lost with a source or target system by keeping close track of exactly where it left off. It then automatically restarts at that exact point without manual intervention, so no data will be duplicated or missing from the target system.

Learn more about the new solution at our upcoming customer education webcast, “New Features in Data Integration and Streaming CDC” on September 20.

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