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Syncsort’s New Data Integration Solutions Provide a Smarter Approach to Hadoop ETL

Two New Hadoop Offerings and DMX Innovations Bring Benefits of Better ETL through Hadoop and Better Hadoop with Enhanced ETL

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., – May 20, 2013

Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data integration solutions, today announced the availability of its Spring ‘13 release, including two brand new Hadoop products and breakthrough enhancements to DMX that turn Hadoop into a more robust, feature rich and easy-to-use ETL solution.

Big Data is prompting organizations to look at Hadoop to process more data in less time and for less money, but Hadoop is not yet a complete ETL solution. Syncsort’s two new offerings for Hadoop – DMX-h ETL Edition  and DMX-h Sort Edition are designed to strengthen Hadoop by providing the full functionality required to deliver enterprise ETL capabilities. They provide greater ease-of-use and maximize node performance compared to non-native, code-generating ETL tools. In addition, performance and connectivity enhancements to DMX expand usage by end-users and partners.   

“Analyzing Big Data is critical to our customers’ ability to sustain competitiveness, but the avalanche of information is breaking traditional data integration architectures ─ many of the tools are too code and resource intensive and ultimately drive costs too high,” said Josh Rogers, senior vice president, data integration business, Syncsort. “With our new DMX editions, we are strengthening Hadoop by providing seamless and powerful ETL and sort capabilities and at the same time, reinvigorating the value proposition of ETL by leveraging the power of Hadoop to scale core processing of Big Data.”

The new DMX-h solutions take advantage of Syncsort’s recent contribution to Apache Hadoop, which provides a unique level of native integration to deliver best in class data integration capabilities and Sort acceleration for Apache Hadoop distributions.
Highlights of the DMX-h ETL include:
  • Smarter Architecture. DMX-h has the only ETL engine that runs natively within MapReduce, maximizing node performance.
  • Smarter Development. Hadoop ETL without coding. Developers can leverage an easy-to-use Windows GUI and deploy seamlessly into Hadoop.
  • Smarter Productivity. “Use case accelerators” – a library of pre-built templates help developers fast-track Hadoop ETL implementations.
  • Smarter Connectivity. Extends access to and delivery of all data, including from the mainframe.
  • Smarter Economics. Smarter architecture, development, connectivity and productivity combine to help drive results in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Benchmark Results
Recent Syncsort benchmarks show significant Hadoop performance and resource efficiency improvements when using DMX-h. More importantly, the results show very predictable and sustainable throughput even as data volumes grow. Using the TeraSort benchmark, DMX-h Sort Edition achieved a sustainable throughput of over 100 megabytes per second per node (MB/S/N) delivering upwards of 2x higher throughput per node­ than Hadoop's native sort at 45 MB/S/N. Similarly, DMX-h ETL Edition achieved sustainable throughput in excess of 255 MB/S/N for up to 2.5x faster performance than Pig when aggregating 2TB of Web log data. In both cases, tests were run for data volumes ranging from 500GB to 2TB of data. While alternatives such as Hadoop's native sort and Pig reach a saturation point - where throughput starts to decline - at around 500GB of data, DMX-h delivered sustainable and predictable performance from 500GB to 2TB. The implications are huge for organizations, as they can more efficiently size their Hadoop infrastructure, minimize uncertainty and achieve a more predictable cost–structure as Big Data becomes even bigger.

Supporting Quotes
“Hadoop is lowering the cost structure of processing data at scale, but deploying Hadoop at the enterprise level is not free, and significant hardware and IT productivity costs can damage ROI,” said Evan Quinn, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Syncsort’s Spring ’13 release provides unique capabilities in Hadoop to help maximize savings, delivering best-in-class ETL technology at a price point that is highly disruptive for the data integration market, and more consistent with the cost structure of open source solutions.”

“In tag management, we facilitate a huge number of interactions between marketers and their vendors, and as a result, we are able to see the complex journey a consumer takes prior to making a purchase. This involves a huge amount of data processing.  To be competitive, we must convert the high volume of ‘path-to-purchase’ data captured by our platform into actionable intelligence that drives decisions by both marketers and their vendors,” said Ave Wrigely, CTO of TagMan.  “What’s compelling about Syncsort’s latest DMX product deliveries is the unique approach to replacing older code-driven approaches with a streamlined, GUI-driven way to collect, cleanse and distribute information inside and outside of Hadoop, saving time and resources and giving us maximum flexibility in preparing Big Data for business analytics and data visualization.”

“Cloudera sees ETL as one of the top use cases for Hadoop ─ it is essential to our mission of maximizing the value of big data,” said Amr Awadallah, Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera. ”We see Syncsort’s new DMX-h offerings enabling our mutual customers with critical data integration and ETL capabilities which simplify ETL deployments while efficiently processing data natively on Hadoop.  The CDH 4.2 release includes Syncsort’s contribution to Apache Hadoop making the sort phase pluggable, enabling DMX-h, and broadening use cases on Hadoop.”

Fast Start DMX-h ETL Test Drive
Anyone looking to leverage DMX-h ETL can now download a free test drive that contains everything they require without the need to set up their own Hadoop cluster. It includes a Linux Virtual Machine with Cloudera CDH 4.2 and DMX-h ETL Edition pre-installed, along with use case accelerators and sample data.
About Syncsort’s Data Integration Business
Syncsort provides data-intensive organizations across the big data continuum with a smarter way to collect and process the ever-expanding data avalanche.  With thousands of deployments across all major platforms, including mainframe, Syncsort helps customers around the world to overcome the architectural limits of today’s ETL and Hadoop environments, empowering their organizations to drive better business outcomes in less time, with fewer resources and lower TCO.  For more information visit

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