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For enterprises with z/OS, it just got real with Splunk Enterprise Security + Ironstream®

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Detect, investigate and respond everywhere with Splunk Enterprise Security + Ironstream

For organizations that rely on mainframe as well as open-systems architectures, a dangerous security blind-spot can now be eliminated. Working closely with partner and leading SIEM vendor and Big Data pioneer Splunk, an Enterprise Security solution has been developed to enable organizations to see, analyze and correlate all their critical distributed and mainframe-based security data, including SMF records from RACF and more.

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Ironstream + Splunk Enterprise


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Getting "20/20" Vision on Security, from z/OS to Open Systems


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Insurance Firm is Proactive in Enterprise Security


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With leading financial manufacturing and government organizations already using the solution, and dozens of customers using Ironstream overall, the Ironstream + Splunk Enterprise Security solution is quickly becoming the industry standard for enterprise security and compliance, including preparation for audits. Watch this brief demo to learn more.

Customer success story

In order to fulfill compliance obligations and to guard against unnecessary disclosure of personal information, a large North American insurance company has been faced with the challenge of eliminating a significant security and compliance exposure in its z/OS environment.

Seeking an easy, cost-effective way to transfer their operational data from z/OS into Splunk®, the company turned to Syncsort Ironstream®, allowing them to gather the required data-movement information and further enhancing security across the entire enterprise.

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