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Sort Acceleration

Syncsort offers the leading sort technology

Turbocharge your data processing applications with the fastest and most efficient sort technology tool

WPackaging over 50 years of data performance expertise, Syncsort’s DMX™ Sort offers the fastest, most reliable sorting tool across all major hardware platforms and operating systems.

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Simplifying Big Data Integration with Syncsort DMX and DMX-h

Today’s modern data strategies have to manage more than growing data volumes. They must also address the added complexity of integrating diverse data sources and types, adhere to security and governance mandates, and ensure the right tools and skills are in place to deliver business value from the data.

Learn how the latest enhancements to Syncsort DMX and DMX-h can help you achieve your modern data strategy goals with a single interface for accessing and integrating all your enterprise data sources – batch and streaming – across Hadoop, Spark, Linux, Windows or Unix – on premise or in the cloud.