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Mainframe Access and Integration

Access and integrate mainframe data with Hadoop and Syncsort DMX-h™

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Ingest, translate, process and distribute mainframe data with Hadoop


Mainframes power many mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise – collecting, generating and processing some of the largest data volumes with exceptional performance and reliability. You know you can’t leave this data out of your Big Data strategy, but leveraging mainframe data with Hadoop has been very difficult – or even impossible – until now!

Syncsort DMX-h dramatically simplifies and secures the process of mainframe access and integration with Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark.

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Syncsort Mainframe Data Access & Integration Solution


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Accessing and Integrating Mainframe Application Data with Hadoop and Spark


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Mainframe Data Access with Hadoop

See how easy it is to access mainframe data with Hadoop.

Learn why mainframe data is an essential part of your data hub and how Syncsort DMX-h can help you access this data with Hadoop, while overcoming the most common challenges that stand in your way.