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Data infrastructure optimization software
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Cloud solutions

Solutions for Big Iron to Big Data

Smarter, faster, scalable data integration

Hadoop Solutions

Collect, Prepare, Blend, Transform & Distribute Data Seamlessly

Even the most successful Hadoop implementations bring their own challenges, including connectivity to legacy data sources & the complexities of rapidly-evolving Hadoop frameworks. Our end-to-end solutions are specifically designed to remove barriers to using Hadoop so you can achieve bigger insights & bigger savings fast.

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Hadoop Solutions

Mainframe Solutions

Integration for the Mainframe

Mainframe Solutions

When it comes to security and reliability, mainframes still rule. We offer the highest performance data integration tools available for mainframes, and have for over 40 years -- saving customers millions of dollars.

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Sort Solutions

The best sort…no matter the platform.

Choose DMX sort, DMX Appmod, or MFX for Mainframe.

  • DMX Sort Edition: Our most advanced sort features. Easily move the same sort job between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms with full backward compatibility.
  • DMX AppMod Edition: All of the functionality of DMX Sort plus additional features to aid in mainframe application modernization projects.
  • MFX for Mainframe: High-Performance Sort for z Systems. Syncsort MFX for z/OS will reduce CPU costs and help meet batch window requirements while optimizing resource management and overall system efficiency - and plug compatible with the IBM sort.

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Sort Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Innovative, Realistic Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Data integration best practices include making full use of cloud resources. Deploy your cloud applications with ease and confidence.

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Linux, Unix & Windows Solutions

Overcome the challenges of collecting, processing, optimizing and migrating data

Whether you're working with relatively small data sets or petabytes of data, we can help gather, assimilate, migrate, and optimize your data faster, without the hassle. Data integration ETL has never been easier.

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