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The Ultimate Guide to IBM i Machine Data

IBM Power Systems running IBM i are trusted, reliable powerhouses that are tailored for the needs of companies that process a high volume of transactions such as financial, healthcare, retail and logistics organizations. There are several different data sources that are available within the IBM i environment that can be leveraged to provide insight into the operational health of the system and applications as well as providing visibility into security and compliance issues.

The data sources provide valuable insight into performance, availability, health and security of the system and its applications. Ironstream® for IBM i handles all the required data sources, logs and messages that are needed to gain operational and security insights into the IBM i environment, including demystifying the complexities of those data sources, making it easy and simple to use.

Download this eBook to learn more about Syncsort Ironstream® for IBM i and why it’s the industry’s most comprehensive automatic forwarder of IBM i machine and log data to analytics platforms.