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Digital Transformation: How to Run Best-in-Class IT Operations in a World of Machine Learning

Many IT organizations are being driven to move beyond reactive and ad hoc troubleshooting and are therefore being challenged to find the intersection of maintaining existing systems while still driving innovation and solving for the present while preparing for the future. The days of a multitude of domain specific tools, utilized by a large staff of subject matter experts, are quickly disappearing and IT organizations are being asked to do more with less staff. IT must identify ways to bring existing infrastructure and legacy systems into the modern world of analytics, and in doing so, create the business advantage required by the organization.

Download this eBook to explore more on the topics of:

  • The value of integrating mainframe data sources into analytics processes
  • Data sharing and collaboration between mainframe and distributed IT
  • Achieving an end-to-end view of IT operations and application performance with machine learning