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Using Mainframe Log Data for Operational Efficiency & Enhanced Security Across the Enterprise

New capabilities have emerged to help organizations of all sizes — but especially large, dispersed organizations — to manage their security and compliance needs as well as their overall operational efficiency.  Especially important is the way IT managers in the open-systems environment can also have easy, cost-effective access in real time to the wealth of operational and security data about their organizations that resides only on z/OS systems.

They can now search and analyze that log data alongside similar data coming from non-mainframe sources.  This whitepaper discusses the key sources of operational and security data in z/OS and how that data can be sent via Syncsort Ironstream® to the Splunk data-integration platform. It discusses use cases such as:

  • Reducing mean-time-to resolution of system problems.
  • Monitoring of security and regulatory compliance.
  • Compliance auditing of personal health information.
  • Monitoring SLAs for execution of all batch job workloads.
  • Monitoring security exposures within z/OS from the non-mainframe environment.