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Data to Dashboard: SMF in Splunk for Tuning and Metrics

Discover the multifaceted approaches to SMF analysis!

Before the advent of Syncsort’s Ironstream® for Splunk®, a lot of time and specialized expertise was required to transform data from the System Management Facility (SMF) of a z/OS-based mainframe and make it usable in a distributed, open-source environment. The costs and complexity effectively put important SMF records out of reach for many Big Data applications. Not anymore.

The growing value of the operational intelligence that SMF records could provide became too great to ignore. And now, because Ironstream puts SMF data into Splunk so easily, the boost to operational intelligence can be substantial.

This white paper delves into the evolution of SMF records and their common uses. It sheds light on the multifaceted approaches to SMF analysis.