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What’s New in Syncsort Ironstream 2.1

Syncsort Ironstream provides unmatched mainframe data integration facilities enabling IT pros to get deep operational insights in next-generation analytics environments like Splunk – and now – the Elastic Stack.

View the Customer Education Webcast to learn what’s new in Syncsort Ironstream including:

  • Support for Elastic Logstash: Delivering all Ironstream-supported data sources in real-time directly to Elastic Logstash to provide comprehensive mainframe information for decision support.
  • Multiple Application Programming Interface (API): Support for multiple APIs for transporting large sets of records resulting in performance improvements of up to 10x.
  • IMS Log Forwarding: Real-time and asynchronous forwarding is supported for multiple log record types, providing insight into IMS transaction performance and IMS system statistics.
  • Enhanced SMF data collection: A new method of gathering SMF data minimizes the impact of high-volume SMF record processing on application performance by enabling asynchronous collection of SMF data through the SMF INMEM resources and API.